Our Ethos

We Are Transparent

1. We ensure loan repayment is shown upfront.

2. We are always willing to work with clients to find a solution.

We Are Committed To...

  1. Treating clients fairly: We are on standby to offer assistance if things go wrong.
  2. Responsible lending: We encourage clients to discuss their financial difficulties in order to best prepare them to meet the credit agreement and to avoid falling into debt problems.
  3. Money Advice Service: Where to get general money advice and other help and information and when to pay for financial advice. The following are some charities and organisation that provide such help:
    a. StepChange Debt Charity Tel. 0800 138 1111, www.stepchange.org
    b. Debt Advice FoundationTel. 0800 622 6151, www.debtadvicefoundation.org
    c. Citizens Advice Bureau Tel. 0345 404 0506, www.citizensadvice.org.uk

    d. National Debtline Tel. 0808 808 4000, www.mymoneysteps.org

    e. PayPlan Tel. 0800 280 2816, www.payplan.com

Price Structure

The firm charges 15% interest every 30 days in advance for the life of the loan.
For example: a £200 loan payable within 30 days, the amount payable will be £200.00 + the £30 interest, which means 0.5% interest charge per day. We do not charge interest on interest. The interest plus the fee will never exceed 0.8% per day of the amount borrowed.
The firm’s charges £20 for monthly deferred payment and £12 for missed payment.
For example:

  • Borrow £200.00 for 30 Days
  • 15% (fixed) per month.
  • One Payment of £230.00
  • Compliant APR 435.0%

Late repayment will mean extra costs and may affect your credit rating.
We do not top up on existing loans.

You cannot take another loan within 7 days of finish paying an existing loans.
New loans are subject to existing criteria.

Eligibility Criteria

All loans are subject to our eligibility criteria:

  1. Be a UK residence 18+
  2. Earn some form of income weekly, forth nightly or monthly
  3. Have a bank account with a debit card
  4. Have mobile phone with UK network

Our Code Of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct:

  1. Responsible lending
  2. Treating customers fairly
  3. Saving you money when you repay loans in time

Why choose Us (Benefits)

We give you flexibility and control.

We know you might need a little bigger amount but may want to pay longer than one month, which is why with Chloe Brooke Finance, you choose how much to borrow, to the pound and for how long. If you want to repay early, you can. There are no early repayment fees and you will save on interest.

  • We are available online and you can also pick up a loan application form from our main office.
    We are transparent.
  • We will always tell you the full cost upfront and the total amount to repay when you apply.
  • Even if you repay early unlike other lenders, we don’t charge early repayment fee.
  • 814.0% APR Representative, but bear in mind that the average loan duration is usually within 30 days. We provide short term loans, whilst APR is on industry standard calculation that looks at annual repayment costs. We only charge 15% (fixed) on the amount borrowed.

We Are Always Available

We are available online, or alternatively you can also visit our office for a loan application form.

Apply online, or visit us in our main office at:

49a-51 Church Gate
Leicester City Centre

Opening Hours

Monday – Friday

8:300am – 6:30pm


10:00am – 4:00pm

Our Repayment Policy

Payment terms varies, within 30 Days (for purple payday loans) and up to 180 Days (for Aubergine installment loans). Other terms and conditions apply.

Complaint Resolution Process

Our customers are at the heart of what we do and we are committed to giving them the highest quality of service.

How to Contact us with a complaint:

You may contact us via our website contact form. However, you can also write to us with the details of your complaint. Please remember to include the following details:

  1. Your full name
  2. Email address associated to your loan account
  3. A description of your complaint, including supporting documentation
  4. What we can do to put things right

In writing:

To: The Compliance Officer, Divine Securities Services Ltd t/a Chloe Brooke Loans. 49a-51 Church Gate, Leicester City Centre, Leicester(shire), LE1 3AL, England

By Telephone:

0116 442 2765. Lines are open 9.30am to 6.30pm. Call are charged at standard rates.

Upon receipt of your complaint, we will assign a unique code number, review your submission, and do our possible best to resolve the issue via email response by the end of the next business day. If we are unable to do this, we will prompt you or send you a written correspondence acknowledging your complaint and who is dealing with.

We will negotiate with you and send you our full Final Response within eight weeks of receiving your complaint. If you are not satisfied with our response, you may appeal the decision via email: ds-services@hotmail.com. We ask you to please state your objections to the decision and include any new evidence to be considered.

Our correspondence will explain that you will have ultimate recourse to the Financial Ombudsman Service if you are dissatisfied. If you are dissatisfied with our Final Response, you can ask the Financial Ombudsman Service for an independent review.

You have six months from the date of our Final Response correspondence to submit your complaint to the Financial
Ombudsman Service and we will enclose an information leaflet to assist you if you decide to pursue this further course of action. You can contact them at:

The Financial Ombudsman Service Contact Details

The Financial Ombudsman Service
Exchange Tower
E14 9SR
Tel: 0300 123 9 123
Email: complaint.info@financial-ombudsman.org.uk

Risk Statements

Paying off credit cards, loans, overdrafts etc.: Think carefully before securing other loans against your current debts. This may have serious consequences if you are unable to make repayments on your loans.

Warning: Late repayment will mean extra costs and may affect your credit rating and we do not top up on existing loans, are clearly written, in bold and not difficult to read.

Clients cannot take another loan within 7 days of finishing paying existing loans. All new loans are subject to existing criteria.